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My name is

Li — that's with a long i, so it rhymes with “pie”, not “pee”). My pronouns are they/them. I have a cat named Haku!
. You’re on my website! Here are some things I keep on my website.

Latest update

This box. So meta!

Also I added CSSSaaS to my stuff :)

Look! It’s four things I’ve shared recently.

  1. Music Loop Variety Pack 100 tiny, seamless loops for use in games, songs, whatever. Free!
  2. Nice Tips Bot A kind robot fetches random tips from wikiHow and generously offers it as advice.
  3. Snowcloner Snowclone text template randomize go!
  4. Pokémancy 🔮🎴👻... that oracular vibe, but Pokémonnnnn.

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