Stuff (by Li)

Did you know that I have made a LOT of things and even put these things online? Personally, I am always forgetting this. Good thing I made this page so we can remember!!!

I made an attempt at categorizing these, but honestly I have only confused myself.

So I put a “random” button in the ↘ corner if you prefer a less-than-linear browsing experience.


Practice Guide A prayer you can customize for any creative practice.

Slop One Out Now I’ll do it SOON…

Generative Text and Bots

Snowcloner A web toy for prototyping your very own generative text!

Nice Tips Bot Grabs tips from wikiHow, and offers them to u.

Garden Paths Wandering from one dictionary definition to another.

Another Other Noun phrases from dictionary definitions… connect as you will.

Between Subjects Permutations on what happens in between.

The Seeker My 2014 NaNoGenMo entry that people liked.

Machine, Unlearning An actual book published as part of the Using Electricity series. (I still have author’s copies and you can send me $15 if you want one…)

Twitter bots I have maintained exactly 0 of these 34 bots for years now, but here’s a list for posterity.

Toys and Games

CSS Selectors as a Service A JSON API for retrieving data from web pages using CSS selectors. For, uh, fun.

Pokémancy Oracular Pokémon. One time they told me to go eat dinner.

Mage March Tiny rhythm game made with friends for AGBIC 2019.

Grapheme Guestbook Sign my guestbook! You get one grapheme per 24 hours.

Hyperasem Chat room for aliens. Speak your mind.

Bovine Obstruction A really great text editor that definitely stays out of your way.

Hall of Jitters They are just wiggly friendos whomst jitter.

JAMCO® MATEFEST™ 3013 A Twine game I made nearly a decade ago, but it’s kind of cute lol.


Music Loop Variety Pack Lots of lil mostly synth loops for anyone to use!

(There are other things I could put here. But I am being weird about it right now 😬)


More Like Frown Does this look brown to you??? The domain expired, but the content lives on.

W-O-R-D It’s the logo except you can put whatever letters you like in the URL hash to make the letters into a square.

Is that even everything? Probably not! But it’s everything that I put on this page.