About this cool website

How does this website even? What is? I will tell you!

Stuff this website is using


Faune by Alice Savoie, commissioned by the Centre National des Arts Plastiques. I love the wiggly italics!!


Feather Icons, except for the theme changer’s paint bucket, which is Grommet Icons. The favicon is generated by KnotPlot, which is a very good website if you’re looking for mathematical knot content.


This liana tangle L-system, but I tweaked the parameters to make it big and sprawly rather than tight like a tumbleweed. (Note: for some reason this permalink isn’t working! But you can scroll down the menu and find “liana tangle” under “Plants”.)


Most of the theme palettes are from me piddling around, except for “haunty”, which drew from this very spooky art I saw on Twitter. It’s such a vibe.


Written in SvelteKit and mdsvex, which means a beautiful unholy mismash of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Svelte, and Markdown.


Fluid type and space system generated by Utopia. Here are the design tokens I’m using for this site!

This website is weird!!!

yes thank u

You should make it less weird