A collection of things that I've created or collaborated with others on over the past few years.


Routines (2019, ongoing)

A tiny offline-first progressive web app for managing routines.

DTRTS (2019, ongoing)

A scrappy poetry e-zine. Scrappy, as in each issue is a bricolage of loose notes and other ephemera I gather together every few months.

Generative Text

Garden Paths (2019)

A program that generates poetry by following the ends of dictionary definitions in WordNet 3.0.

Machine, Unlearning (2018)

A book commissioned for the Using Electricity series, edited by Nick Monfort and published by Counterpath Press.

Twitter bots (2014–2017)

For a few years, I made Twitter bots—programs that posted algorithmically generated strings of text in the form of tweets. Among the most popular of these bots were @wikisext, @nice_tips_bot, and @portmanteau_bot.

The Seeker (2014)

Algorithmically generated concrete poetry created for #NaNoGenMo 2014.


Bovine Obstruction (2019)

A text editor that gets in your way.

Hall of Jitters (2019)

A gallery of jittery friends to keep the overcaffeinated company. Made with zdog.


Chatroom for aliens. (Or, an excuse to play with a Express + tutorial, but make it a little less bland.)

For other webtoys, you can check out my profile on Glitch.


Botnik Studios – The Songularity (selected tracks) (2018)

As Studio Meow Meow, David Kelly and I produced, recorded, and mixed two of the preview singles for Botnik Studios' AI song parody album The SongularityBored With This Desire and Negatively 4th Street.

Debris Loft – minimix #1 (2017)

Tiny EP, mixing by me.


Mage March (2019)
A single-level browser-based rhythm game created in collaboration with some friends for the #AGBIC 2019 game jam.